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Who We Are?

There's not much to say about us yet… but there will be. Founded in 2011, TTC publishes short story and graphic novels with unique and unexpected plots. Ranging from science fiction to super heroes, the stories of TTC are a mixture of genres to please every reader regardless of his or her interests. Our creative team members come from a variety of backgrounds to produce unparalleled storylines with visually dynamic paneling. We hope that the products of our passion become the consummation of your imagination.

Gordon Hurley



Gordon Hurley prides himself on creating original and mind bending story lines. Machinist turned writer, Gordon first began writing only as a hobby in 2008. What started as a hobby quickly turned to a passion that bordered on obsession to put his ideas on paper. With a limitless supply of creativity, Gordon is always working to bring his stories to life. Gordon is the author of Spindle, Twisted Tales, Hunger and Zombie Rules. He lives in Hillsborough, NJ with his wife, Michelle.